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Chardham Yatra

chardham Tour or Yatra

Helicopter is the easiest way to reach the Chardham in Uttarkhand. A helicopter tour is the best idea for those with tight schedules and of course those with ailing health and other issue to be able to perform pilgrimage relatively quick .    chardham Yatra can Do possible by cab also, we would like to inform you about the Chardham Yatra such as 
1. Early year during[ Akshay Tirtiya] also known as akhateej  the door of yamunotri and gangotri opens for pilgrimage  .However the dates for the opening of badrinath is declared on basant panchmi and for kedarnath,it is declared on the day of mahashivratri.
2.  During the monsoon season between july and septembber there are changes of landslides and roadblockage .
3. 12, Days required with Rishikesh,Haridwar, and chardham without Rishikesh and Haridwar 9 Days.
4.The Road condition to chardham is good ,yatra for the piligrimage opens from april/may to october/november so one can plan a trip to chardham temples of garwal himalya during the monsoon season.
5 .Medical certificate with proper test of vertigo,altitude mountain ,sickness,high blood pressure,and more ensures that you eligible for the journey 
  in addition to this pilgrimage also need a biometric certificate which is provided by the uttar khand goverment .The Registration for biometric certificate can be doneboth online and offline.
6. No need any vaccinations only permitis required for kedarnath which our driver arrange for our clients
7 .It is not recommended to carry wine or tobaco in the premises chardham temples.
8.Travelling to chardham is completely safe for those who are planning a solo trip.
9. There are special darshan tickets for maha puja (6500) INR at chardham temples of kedarnath and badrinath .
10. You can touch the statue of God/Godess
NOTE= In this content we inform you just about the chardham yatra . after confirming the tour we give you proper itienary which will mention Timing , Location,Weather etc. 


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